How to Search on Google Efficiently

October 13, 2012 // In: How To

There are a lot of websites on the internet having very good and poor material. What happens when you got a problem and search for solution on google, some irrelevant search results comes and wasted your time. Here is some tips to search on google efficiently. 


Whenever you search on search engine with more than one keyword, every search engine has its own criteria to handle it. Will search engine search for only one keyword or for all keywords? Its called Boolean search. It means if you entered Sharp Coders in the search bar, by default search engine can be Boolean AND (it means it search for both keywords) or Boolean OR (it search for either keyword).

Google by default is Boolean AND, means it searches for all the keywords. If you search for

sharp coders “introduction to c#”

google will search for all the keywords. If you want to specify either keyword is acceptable then you can put OR between keywords.

sharp OR coders “introduction to c#”

You can use | pipe line in place of OR and + in place of AND. If you want query items must not include in the search result then use – sign.

Google Dorks


If you want to restrict google to containing the keyword in the url then you can use inurl .  For instance,

inurl:sharp coders

It will returns the result with keyword sharp in the url and coders any where in the document. Note that there should be no space between inurl and the following word.

If you want to have both words in the url than you can use following dork

inurl:sharp inurl:coders


If you want to have all your keywords in the url then you can use allinurl instead of inurl.

allinurl:sharp coders


intext searches only body text. It ignores links, title, url etc.


If you want to find specific file, you can search file with extension



If you want to find something from a specific website you need to use site: dork intext:introduction


If you want to search result having keywords only in title then you can use intitle: dork

intitle:sharp coders

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