Increase Import File Size Limit in phpmyadmin on wamp server

May 08, 2012 // In: Uncategorized
If you are using wamp server, you’ve noticed that wamp server by default allows only 2 MB sql file size to import. If you try to import large data you receive an error. So here is a very simple and easy solution to increase the file size limit in phpmyadmin.

We just need to change some values in php.ini file.  You can open this file through wamp server.

To php.ini file through windows explorer..
Goto C:\wamp\bin\apache\Apache2.2.21\bin\php.ini 
Apache2.2.21 may vary. It depands on apache version.

Second Step:

Find following values in the php.ini file:
post_max_size = 8M
upload_max_filesize = 2M
max_execution_time = 30
max_input_time = 60
memory_limit = 8M

and Replace with:
post_max_size = 750M
upload_max_filesize = 750M
max_execution_time = 5000
max_input_time = 5000
memory_limit = 1000M

Final Step:
Now restart your wamp server.

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