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C# Coding Standards and Best Programming Practice Part-1
Background Software Engineering is a team activity where every individual is playing a vital role. Most successful software projects are granted for team players and not individual efforts. Purpose of this article is to familiarize developers involved to keep few things in mind while they are...
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jQuery Accordion Plugin by Sharp Coders
If you are web designer or developer then you may need accordion menu for your website. You can find many open source accordion plugins but Sharp Coder’s Accordion Menu Plugin is Simplest and Easiest Plugin that you can embed in your project. What you have to do is to include SC Accordion...
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WP Ads Within Contents WordPress Plugin
WP Ads Within Contents gives you facility to show Ads Within Post. You can Show ads Before and After the Content. You can also use ShortCode [AdsWithin] to place ads within contents. You’ve two options to place ads within contents.Using ShortCode Automatically at the start or end of...
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Change Text Selection Color
One of the coolest CSS3 declaration (::selection) that you can use to change the highlight colour of the selected text. You can define text and background colour of selected text.Demo Try it,Its free! Here is the Sample code: CSS ::selection { background:...
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Run Application in Administrator Mode in VS2010
In windows7, Administrator privileges are required to change or access system settings. For the development of such king of applications that need administrator privileges you must apply some settings on your application in the development process.Applications that are enabled to run as...
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Load Data into GridView in ASP.Net
A GridView is a graphical user interface element that presents a tabular view of data. In this tutorial I’ll show you, how to load Data in to gridview in ASP.Net using C# (C-Sharp). Load Records into GridView is pretty simple and easy. What you have to do is to load record from the database,...
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Create Captcha Verification in PHP
Captcha is basically human verification code and it can be used at register, contact, and login or comments forms to secure your forms from spamming. Captcha usually contains an image containing some numeric or alphanumeric characters and you need to enter same characters in the given text...
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