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How to Search on Google Efficiently
There are a lot of websites on the internet having very good and poor material. What happens when you got a problem and search for solution on google, some irrelevant search results comes and wasted your time. Here is some tips to search on google efficiently.  Boolean Whenever you search on...
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Add Facebook Comments to Your Wordpress themes
As we know this is the age of social networking. Almost every web user have facebook account. So using facebook commenting is helpfull for users. User don’t need to enter Name, Email etc. or even don’t need to register for commenting. User having facebook account can easily comment...
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Mac OS X VMWare Issue (virtual CPU has entered the shutdown state)
Few days ago, I was try to run Mac OS X VMware on my Dell Inspiron 5520 Core i5 and I was not able to run. Every time I try to run, I received following error message: A virtual CPU has entered the shutdown state. This would have caused a physical machine to restart. This can be caused by an...
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Introduction to C# (C Sharp) Class
C# is Object Oriented Programming, so it use Classes and structs. So I’m going to introduce you the most important portion, classes. A class is the most powerful type of data type and is a group of related variables, methods and events. You can create class instances or objects if the class...
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How to Open a Link in a New Window using jQuery
Few days ago, while developing a web application, I’ve to open a link in a new window by pressing an input button. So I write two lines for this. Many times you have to open a link in a new window by pressing links / buttons or any other element. The process is very simple and...
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How To Force File Download With PHP
PHP allows you to change the HTTP headers of files, so that you can force a file to be downloaded that normally the browser would load in the same window. This is perfect for files like PDFs, document files, images, and video that you want your customers to download rather than read online. (...
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How to Connect MS SQL Server and Visual Basic 6.0
Today, I’m going to show you how to connect SQL Server database using VB 6.0. Just follow the instructions.Note down your database name and table along with its fields to work with. We’ll connect through ADODB. Just follow the steps.. 1. Open Visual Studio and Create a new standard...
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