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Run Application in Administrator Mode in VS2010
In windows7, Administrator privileges are required to change or access system settings. For the development of such king of applications that need administrator privileges you must apply some settings on your application in the development process. Applications that are enabled to run as...
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Load Data into GridView in ASP.Net
A GridView is a graphical user interface element that presents a tabular view of data. In this tutorial I’ll show you, how to load Data in to gridview in ASP.Net using C# (C-Sharp). Load Records into GridView is pretty simple and easy. What you have to do is to load record from the database,...
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Calculate md5 Hash in C#
Its common practice to store passwords in database using some hashing algorithms instead of plain text. The main purpose of hashing is to secure password from theft. If anyone some how  gets the access to the database and extracts the passwords, hashing algorithm will give him a tought time to...
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Format Numbers to Fix Length in C#
You have noticed that Invoices, Bill numbers mostly have fixed length, and it can be achieved by formatting string to fix length by adding zeros to the left of the string or number. If you are generating invoices or any other report that may include Invoice number, bill number or any...
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Introduction to C# (C Sharp) Class
C# is Object Oriented Programming, so it use Classes and structs. So I’m going to introduce you the most important portion, classes. A class is the most powerful type of data type and is a group of related variables, methods and events. You can create class instances or objects if the class...
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Display Serial Number in RDLC Reports
I was designing RDLC report in ASP.Net project. I’ve to Display Auto Generated Serial Number with other records in the Report. So I write this tutorial for those who also want to do this, but don’t know how to do. Its very simple and easy. Lets start…Create a Table in the Report...
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Show Summery in the GridView's Footer in ASP.Net ( C# )
Information is displayed at the bottom of the GridView. Gridview has property to show footer at the bottom. And you can show some information or summary in it. If you are going to generate some financial or any analytical  report that contains numeric values and you may want to show the sum at the...
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