Text Effects Using CSS3

December 12, 2011 // In: CSS, Web Design
Today, we’ll discuss about 3D text effects using CSS3, which is supported on all modern browsers like safari, chrome, firefox but not on IE..
Now, there is no need to use Photoshop to create 3D effects on the text, you can use CSS to create 3D effects on the text very easily. No need of Photoshop means, No small pictures, less page loading time, decrease bandwidth consumptions and many more…;-) 

Try following examples:
Example 1:

Demo 1:

Example 2:

Demo 2:

Example 3:

Demo 3:

If you want to apply custom font, then you can also set the path/URL of the font using @font-face property..

Example 4:

and you can set the reference of the class to apply new font style.

Demo 4:

CSS shadow Effect (Box Shadow)
Use .htaccess file to change the URL (URL ReWriting)