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April 05, 2013 // In: WP Plugins

wp post navigation wordpress plugin

Plugin Information

Authour: Anas Mir

Requires at least: 3.0

Tested up to: 3.9.1

WP Post Navigation Plugin gives you facility to show Previous and Next Post Links on Single Post Page.

  • You’ve the option to set Post Navigation Bar at Bottom, Top or both Top & Bottom.
  • You can apply CSS style to Previous and Next Post Links.
  • You can set custom text instead of Next and Previous Post Titles.
  • You can set custom Image for Next and Previous Post Links.
  • Manually Place Post Navigation in single.php


Step 1

  1. Download zip file and Extract it
  2. Upload wp-post-navigation folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ folder.
  3. Go to the ‘Plugins’ page in the menu and activate the plugin.

Step 2

  1. Go to Wodpress Admin Panel > Setting > WP Post Navigation
  2. If you want to apply CSS style to Previous and Next Post Links, then write CSS Code in CSS Code for Links Box.
  3. If you want to apply custom text to Previous and Next posts instead of Post Titles, you can enable the Option Custom Text and Set Previous & Next Post Text.
  4. If you want to use Images for Previous and Next post links instead of text, you can enable Use Images Options and give complete url of the images.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I show Post Navigation Manually in single.php page?
Copy & paste following code anywhere in single.php page under get_header();

Which is the good place to show Post Navigation?

A:In my opinion, at the Bottom of the Content.



  • Post Next/Previous position Reseverse option added
  • Disable Auto place navigation option is added (You can disable auto and can place navigation manually)
  • On updation you’ll not lose your previous settings
  • Bugs Fixed


  • Bugs Fixed
  • Position option is removed, by default shows at the bottom
  • Manually Place Post Navigation anywhere in single.php file


  • Bugs Fixed


  • Compatible with WordPress 3.8
  • Show Post Navigation above the Post Title


  • Navigate Within Category Option Added


  • Bugs Fixed


1. Admin Panel Setting


2. WP Post Navigation wp post navigation wordpress plugin


3. Custom Placement of Navigation



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  • Andreas Theile

    Nice Plugin.
    Is it possible to limit the navigation to the category of the current post?

    • Hi Andreas Theile,
      First of All thank you for using WP Post Navigation
      In this current version, Actually its not possible.

  • Is there a way to block certain category slugs from being displayed?

    • Hi Eddie, Thanks for using WP Post Navigation.
      No, Current version of this plugin doesn’t support this.

  • This plugin is not showing up on a static page that displays/pulls in the latest “post,” but it does show up on an individual post. I suspect this is a template issue not related to your plugin, though. Any thoughts/suggestions?

  • Mudaber Hussain Qureshi

    I want to use this navigation within category is it possible ?

    My blog is http://achisite.com

  • Vince Cordi

    I’d like the next & previous post links to appear above the post title rather than below it. Is that possible? Maybe a small customization to the plugin code will do it.

    • Ashlee Prisbrey

      I agree, I want it above the title instead of below it as well. I’m happy to work in the code, just tell me where.

      • I’ll fix this ASAP.

        • Ashlee Prisbrey

          Great! Thanks, let me know when it’s up, I’ll turn it on right away!

        • Madeleine McMullin

          Did this fix happen? It’s showing below the title not above on the latest edition of WP and I need to get it moved to above.

  • RSS

    Nice plugin! How to add a hover color to the link?

  • Maciek


    great plugin. Could You help me – how to make the text from “Previous/Next Post Text” translateble with WPML

  • Dorian Darius

    I’m using this plugin within category but I want to use with some of category I want. What I must do for this?

  • PJ Foley

    It seems the “Navigate within category” is not working in the latest WordPress. Is it possible to get a fix? I’m really wanting to get a plugin solution for this rather than editing code. Thank you! (I’ll even donate a small amount if this happens soon!)

  • Doug

    Ana, thank you for the nice plugin. I see that two people have already asked you what I need to ask you- I want to put the navigation ABOVE the post title. Can you please advise as to how that is done. It appears that you do not provide any support….how can we donate without support?

  • Hello and thank you for this plugin. I currently have the plugin installed, but it does not show the previous and next post. It shows only the current post in both links. The plugin does exactly what I need and I would like to keep it.

  • I’ve been using this plugin for a long time and i love it, however today’s version 1.2 update totally hosed all the CSS and borked my site. Forced to stop using it after today’s update.

    • Can you report the exact error? I’ll fix the error. New update reset the setting, you need to set CSS again.

      • There is no error messages.. with the update, all pages change color, and all the sidebars and sizings change and jumble/run down the page.
        I do not know what you mean by “you need to set CSS again”

  • plugin is not showing up properly…..since last update

    • Yup, I am having the same problem too. Will reply again if I find a manual fix….

  • Deni

    Hi there, i’ve been using your plugin for quite some time now and it worked great.
    I just wanted to let you know that when i select the Top Position the plugin goes wild. All my content is mixed with widgets n stuff.
    Here’s the screenshot:

  • shoeboxapps

    Is it possible to have a settings option to swap next and pervious? Next is on the left and pervious is on the right. I would like to reverse that so the pervious is on the left and next on the right. This would match better with a time line of past=left side and future=right side. Thank you for a great plugin.

  • joe internet

    Hi! How do I disable first instants? I want to use manual insert.

  • Vincent Karma

    I just updated this plugin and I’m really not happy with it anymore. I lost all the CSS changes that I made plus the location option being removed is turning into much more of a headache than need be. Can you downgrade back to 1.2.1 and send me the zip file? Thanks.

  • 1.2.2 seems to resolve the broken site/jumbled CSS issue!
    ..but i really miss the option for placing the links at the top and bottom 🙁

  • Ali Raza

    last update ruined plugin. please restore it. last update has automatically put navigation below post and in between my comments and share section. weird … restore this plugin to previous version asap … I want to show this at above my post

  • is it just me, or are the Previous & Next labels/links backwards in v1.2.2 ?

    • Ali Raza

      same with me … previous 2 updates ruined everything 🙁

  • Will release new version soon.

  • waqas mansoor

    i still couldnt find a good plugin for next images or next page or smthn like tiny mc doing the work but …


  • aarikevanson

    Is there a Navigate Within Category option? Thanks!

  • Ren Farmer

    Navigation buttons are still reversed, as noted in other posts. Please fix, as this is nice plugin except for this obvious problem !!

  • Angi

    I activated the plugin but for some reason the right arrow doesn’t show the image completely.
    is there a fix for that ?

  • Criller

    Thank you for the plugin, is very nice. I would like to show only the post of a single category but it doesn’t work.

  • Jason Charnes

    I’m late to this party, but I too had the same issue of needing previous post to be next post and vice versa. This is a great plugin and that was the only thing I really needed. I went into the plugin and reversed them. If you need it, you can get it here: https://github.com/jasoncharnes/wp-post-navigation

  • Jus

    I’ve added this plugin to my website and used the manual option to add to the single page and two the navigation shows up twice. Anyway to stop the automated one?

  • Robert

    Has anyone noticed that the direction is reversed in Safari only? Chrome, Firefox and Opera are okay.

    • Robert

      I resolved my Safari problem by installing Jason Charnes’ 1.2.21 version. So far, so good anyway. Thanks, Jason.

  • AnnieP

    Doug, this is a wonderful plugin and it is working well. One question only: Can I replace the >> and << with images of my own? (Are they even images?) I can't find them at all.

  • s_e_ray

    I needed to add to the CSS Code for Links: padding-top: 16px; but the plugin is unresponsive to this typical string? We need a white space above the text and arrow, where it has little padding. Additionally, I notice the navigation does not work by date order? Looking at a current post, the past post shown will skip over 4 other posts, in date order. I don’t comprehend the value of this plugin if it does not work in date order?

  • Uday Patel

    Custom place
    If you want to put navigation in custom place then just put
    echo isset($WPPostNavigation)?$WPPostNavigation->WP_Custom_Post_Navigation():”;
    inside single.php.

    Then after open wp-post-navigation.php file from inside plugin folder,
    case “both”:
    case “both”: return ”;

    case “top”:
    case “top”: return ”;

    case “bottom”:
    case “bottom”: return ”;

    Thats It.

  • Wondering

    What can I do? This plugin is really nice BUT “previous” and “next” buttons are not in same line. Their positions are different. What should I do?

    • can you mention your website so that I can suggest you any fix.

  • Danielle

    Hello, your plug ins is very nice. Now WP updates their version do 4.0, are you going to update your plug in to this version or not ?

  • Ahmad Khalife

    Hi I like the plugin – it’s very nice.. I need the next and previous arrows to sit above the featured image just like in the bleacher report website http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2198222-greg-hardy-deactivated-by-carolina-panthers-for-week-2

    My website is http://www.benchwarming.com..
    are you able to do this for me and what would the cost be ?? thank you

  • Rallen

    Hey there. I would like to have the text “Next post: Post Title” would that be possible somehow. Thanks already.

  • Rasmus

    Hey there!

    I really like this plugin, however, I would like it to work for custom post types as well, since a lot of my posts are portfolio. Can I edit the plugin to achieve this?

    Thanks already!

  • Hi, If i wanted to place the arrows and words above a post title, what css would i need to change ?
    I dont have top arrows on becuase they are under title.

    Thank you. im using genesis minimus-pro http://realestateradioshow.com/12

  • rocktivity

    I was a little nervous because I’m using a premium WP theme that doesn’t provide blog post navigation and has been VERY picky about what it wants to be compatible with. But I’m happy it say that it took to your plugin like a duck to water! yourHHRSnews.com

  • JGK1

    Is there a way to override the plug in so some post only show next or previous?

  • DisabledFrog

    Hi Ana and thanks for the plugin. I also, like many others, want to use the plugin only in some categories. I tried your code in single.php and as a result all of my posts showed the code as a text instead of the post itself. I also followed Uday Patel’s advice (see comments below) and made changes to wp-post-navigation.php. Now the text is gone and the posts are back. But the prev next links are gone too. What am I doing wrong? How do I show the plugin only in some categories? Many thanks.

  • Austin Wright

    Hi there, wondering if there is a way to incorporate this with page navigation for posts that have multiple pages.

    I need something that will go to the next page, but on the last page, go to the next post. This way users can seamlessly continue through content without having two pagination features.

  • when i remove in my single.php it (plugin work) also vanishes!i dont want to show my content cz its a video theme.and for regular posts i have an other single.php help me!

  • Hi, I have customised the code in this plugin, so that it only shows the navigation links when viewing a particular post category. However, this additional code will be lost if the plugin is updated? Is there a way around this?

  • Travis Kubicek

    Is it possible to use this plugin with projects rather than posts?

  • JulieD

    with the new update the links are showing in the side bar and blocking the function of the editing page. Will you update it?

  • Alberto

    Very nice plugin, thank you for making it available.

  • Carmen

    Hi Anas,

    I installed the plugin and thought I want the reverse navigation. Now I’ve changed my mind and unticked the box but get this message then: “403 Forbidden. Server configuration does not allow access to this page.” Any idea what I can do?

  • The plugin skips posts.

    Please advise.

  • Tom

    The plugin seems to be jumping trough all my categories, not staying in one category. I have “Navigate Within Category” checked in the settings but it’s not doing anything.

  • r Z

    Hello my friend! Thanks for your great plugin. Its works perfectly! Really appreciate it. One question: Is it possible to make the navigation loop through my posts so that the latest post still shows a next arrow to go to the oldest post and the other way around? That would be great!