Hide Windows with Source Code ( VB 6.0 )

December 29, 2011 // In: VB 6.0
Its a small utility that helps you to hide windows very quickly using short keys. The question arises why you need Hide Windows Utility. Well its simple, there can be a person around you that would like to catch the information displayed on your screen. When such person try to to catch information than following situations could be happend

  • If you try to minimize the window the title in the status bar will stay visible and also the icon in the system tray 
  • If you try to close the application it will prompt for unsaved data and if you really would like to exit.
  • If you restart your computer you will be even more suspicious and you may loose also unsaved data.

Hide Windows Free is the application that will save you instantly in such an inconvenient situation. It will not close or minimize the windows, but completely hide them from your screen.
You Just need to Select any window and Press F9 Button. To unhide, you need to press F10. You can hide Hide Window Utilityits self by pressing F11 and can Unhide by pressing F12.

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