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Submit form using ajax without refreshing page
Today, I’ll teach you, how to submit form using ajax, without refreshing page. Its very simple and easy way. You just need to download latest jQuery. I’ve give you a very simple example so that everyone can understand it easily. we just need to add jquery file into your page. We can...
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Upload, Resize and Save Image in jpg using PHP
Some time we need to upload, resize and save images in jpg format. we can do this very easily. Lets start, Create a file function.php and place the following code in the file. <?php function uploadPicture($img,$filename,$filepath, $Size) { $file = $_FILES[$img]['name']; ...
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Apply Watermark and Resize Image in PHP
I’ll show you how to apply watermark on Images in PHP. You can also resize Images using this script. Resize image is optional. you can set max width and height to resize images. Its Originally written by Sharp Coders and have GPLv2 License. Create New PHP file name it imgMark.class.php copy...
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Simple PHP/MySql Pagination
When you have a large list of items ( search results, products list, blog articles ). Its better to display them grouped in pages and you can navigate from one page to another through navigational elements. Its very easy to apply pagination. Its very basic tutorial to teach you how to apply...
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Getting Started With PHP Part-1
This tutorial is very basic level, If you are interested in web development and want to develop website in PHP and don’t know how to start learning php. Don’t worry I’m going to post a series of tutorials on PHP. Lets start.. PHP is basically web programming language (Scriptiong...
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Object-Oriented PHP for Beginners
Today, We’ll discuss about Object-Oriented PHP Programing for Beginners. So Lets start… Object-Oriented is a style of coding. For many programmers Object-Oriented is very complex and full of complicated syntax. But realty is, Its very easy and very effective programming...
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Create a Secure Login Script in PHP (updated)
Security is the basic need/requirement, and it also neccessary for your application to secure your confidentail data/information. Firstly, we need to secure our login pages so that no hacker/unauthorized person can access your applicatin. To secure your authentication, you need to encrypt user...
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